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There’s no emotion like live.

Live sports and event television are collective experiences. Viewers want to engage with an emotional journey before, during and after a live event. See how SAM provides media companies the means to do it.

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Live Sports Production - Core HD Production Upgradeable to UHD

Live Sports Production - Core HD Production Upgradeable to UHD

Collaborative Sports Replay & Editing Workflows

Collaborative Sports Replay & Editing Workflows

Live Sports Production - Core Production Over IP

Live Sports Production - Core Production Over IP

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LiveTouch - The world’s most agile highlights and replay workflow

LiveTouch™ is a sports highlights system that makes highlights and instant replay workflows fast and effortless. The intuitive touch screen panel is quick to learn and easy to use, making highlights selection sure, simple and robust. LiveTouch can scale to meet HD and UHD productions of any size. Uniquely, LiveTouch supports integrated editing with no delays due to media movement and without the cost of duplicating recordings or storage. Highlights packages get to air faster and LiveTouch can publish directly to OTT and social media platforms, dramatically simplifying system design. Find out more

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SDI & IP Multiviewers

SAM offers a full range of Multiviewers covering all of your monitoring needs. These include pure software-based IP Multiviewers, desktop viewers for remote operational monitoring, modular cards and physical chassis-based types.

The MV-8 Series of Multiviewers offer new capabilities for monitoring solutions including SDI and IP inputs along with the wide array of configurations possible with video and audio routers.

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SAM’s editing and workflow tools are built for social media publishing and multi-format content on inputs and outputs. All resolutions, all frame rates, all color spaces and all dynamic range treatments.

IP Routing

SDI and IP Routing

IP, Hybrid SDI/IP, Audio and SDI routing, processing and monitoring with 12G Options.

SAM’s IP Routing Systems offer broadcasters greater workflow flexibility, whether they're looking for a hybrid or full IP solution. SAM’s Routing Systems are not one-size-fits-all being fully scalable from small to enterprise-wide operations. SAM has everything users need to migrate their operations – regardless of which route they decide to take.

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The Next Generation of Live Production Switchers has arrived!

The introduction of an all new mainframe range takes SAM to an entirely new level; Kahuna 4800, Kahuna 6400 and Kahuna 9600 offer more fire-power and flexibility than ever before with the implementation of 12G, IP and now HDR support.

Kula is the new production switcher range from SAM and complements the world-leading Kahuna family. Its revolutionary design is the big game changer in the live production market, offering the power of the Kahuna in a smaller form factor of 1 M/E to 3 M/E's and SD/HD/UHD, 12G and IP support.

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